This Chanukah lighting a Menorah made by the late Mr. Harry Hirsch a World War I soldier that fled the flames of Russia to USA ( (born March 1884 USSR -died in Florida USA 1996) and melted his gun and  bullets to make this historic Menorah transforming of Isaiah 2 :4  “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore” The Menorah signifies triumph, freedom, and light, all universal symbols. The United Nations would be our choice for this historic Menorah to light the Menorah light on the nights of our celebration. The origin or lighting a Menorah stems from the moment when just a few people were able to confront a huge and well-trained army that wanted to do away with religious freedom, and be victorious over that army.  It is also a symbol of freedom, of the yearning of people to exercise their religious beliefs without any external imposition.  And finally, the Menorah also incorporates the notion that there should ever be more light in the world, as one candle is added each night to be lit at the darkest period of the year. In all countries of the world, leaders have been seen lighting the Menorah at their Jewish communities. As the Rabbi Director of the Institute of the Noahide Code, I am heartened coming into the United Nations Headquarters with the Isaiah Wall right across the UN in which the day is mentioned that no nation will wage war against another nation, and the swords will be transformed into plowshares.  The Seven Universal Laws of Noah are means by which humanity strives to live in unity and peace.  These laws for peace and unity encompass respect for G-d, for human life, respect for the Family, for other people’s property, the creation and respect of a judicial system, and respect for all creatures and environment. The United Nations acknowledges human rights as well as humanity’s right to freedom, including that of religion.  It would be a celebration of all that unites us as human family that we are:  our yearning for ever more light at a time that humanity hopefully emerges victorious with light over darkness, the forces of human rights and freedom successful over intolerance, and the ideals of the Universal Noahide Code (UNC) prevailing throughout the world.