Kosher Halal food in public schools

SAFESTBuried in the just released NYC Budget for fiscal year 2019 is a $1 million allocation for a “Halal and Kosher School Lunch Pilot,” one of a few “food initiatives” totaling $7.4 million.

City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer, who has supported the introduction of halal and kosher food in the schools, said in a statement on June 14 that the pilot program is “a critical first step toward leveling the playing field for our students not only in the cafeteria, but in the classroom – because only when young people have access to sufficient healthy food can they reach their full academic and social potential.”

Stringer noted that just last month, his office convened Jewish and Muslim leaders, community stakeholders and food advocates “to discuss this universal food initiative and build momentum toward this longstanding goal.”