US President Bush Discusses…

President Bush roadmap to world peace press release

  1. President George Bush Confers with to Discuss the Importance of the Seven Universal Noahide Laws


  1. President George Bush Discusses the Importance of the Seven Universal Noahide Laws


  1. President George Bush Issues “Road map to World Peace” Based on Seven Universal Noahide Laws


  1. President George Bush Discusses “Road-Map to World Peace” Based on Seven Universal Noahide Laws


One thousand religious leaders and pastors gathered together with President George W. Bush and his staff from the White House Office of Faith. During the historical meeting the President and the representatives from different religions discussed methods to sreach a better understanding between varied cultures and philosophies.


Among the religious leaders was Rabbi Dr. Yaacov Cohen from Melbourne Australia who represented the worldwide Institute of Noahide Code, an organization dedicated to promote the Noahide Code of Seven Universal Laws. Rabbi Cohen presented the “Road Map to World Peace,” explaining that the Noahide Laws can unite all of mankind.


Rabbi Cohen who directs a worldwide popular website stated that the Jewish people were charged with the mission to educate mankind and be a light onto the nations by promoting the observance of the Seven Noahide Laws among all mankind. “We are presently living through a unique and favorable moment in history. The information age and advanced breakthroughs in technology affords us the tremendous opportunity to widely communicate the knowledge and observance of these laws,” Rabbi Cohen said.


Other religious leaders added that the religious tolerance of today and the trend towards greater democracy and freedom have created the perfect environment and provided a window of opportunity for the global acceptance of this universal code. It is by adherence to these laws, which are in and of themselves an expression of Divine goodness, that all mankind could unite and be bound by a common moral responsibility to their Creator. When humanity is unified by its highest common denominator, genuine peace and harmony will flourish throughout the world.


Despite the daunting challenge we must remember that a little light could dispel and illuminate a lot of darkness and the darkness will offer no resistance as it melts before the light. The obvious reason being that light is the substance while darkness is merely the void.







Rabbi YD Cohen  met with Pres. Bush in DC  and discussed the Noahide laws, explained the “Road map to World Peace “ is via the 7 laws of Noahide  and NOT for Israel to give up land for peace as that will only incite further violence…


The white house office of faith based  and community initiatives leaders / people from all faith were present …  the Noahide laws is for all ….


Bush sr. signed in public law the foundation…


As Rabbi Boaz Kali from Israel spoke on his meetings with Arab leaders to sign keep the Noahide laws when he addressed a group of people from all faiths and non believers in New York City Hunter College in March of this year with Rabbi BS Jacobson and Rabbi YD Cohen in a panel discussion.

One of the main points that G-d -Torah ‘s has a message to all nations of the world …