Rachel’s tomb

Superfragilistic Amniotic Inter…

byStephen F. Kaufman

Title hardly makes any sense, right? Wrong!

Attempting to decipher the rhyme or reason for things of potential global impact goes against the pall of rational thought that is of value to the human race. Kind of like calling an otter a threat to walruses.

Let’s take for example the obscene presumption of UNESCO in their recent acknowledgment of the Palestinian Authority renaming one of Judaism’s most profound and sacred sites in an attempt to change the world’s perception of the humanitarianism that Israel represents, and that is very obvious to anyone who would take the time to examine the record. The subtle implications of UNESCO’s idiocy ranks along with the stupidity that intimates the holocaust never having happened.

In Israel there is a special site considered to be the third holiest place in the Jewish world: Rachel’s Tomb. It is near Bethlehem, which was ceded to the PA in an earlier attempt to assuage the ‘unassuageable.’ (Something like the Oslo Accords where Arafat was given a great number of ‘assuagements’ that he resolutely, and with his profoundly canaille mentality, rejected). The first is the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The second is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem known as the Wailing Wall.

Refer to http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/news.aspx/140345,  On October 29, 2010, UNESCO overwhelmingly sided with the PA to rename the site of Rachel’s Tomb as a mosque claiming that Abraham was also the patriarch of the Arab worlds.

The apparent weakness of Israeli leadership is a substantial reason for the world’s obvious attitudes in misunderstanding what reality can and should be. In an attempt to constantly placate the world, Israel consistently cedes its own importance to the world at large. Perhaps the Israeli – US subterfuge connection is a valid reason for this overt display of deception. Sun Tzu, the world renown author of    The Art of War, the Chinese classic of strategy, would no doubt agree with the tactics that Israel essentially uses to keep the world off-balance if—IF—they are conscious of their ploys. Clever, those Jews! Incidentally, Sun Tzu’s Art of War is explained in depth for anyone to understand if they would examine the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament.

Let’s go further and clarify what Zionism and Judaism is.

Zionism is a concept that calls for the return of the Jewish people to Israel and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in their own land. It is a political idea that has roots in ancient history and modern nationalism. Accordingly, Israel and Jerusalem was given to the Jewish people by God Almighty Himself. This is acknowledged by just about every religious group on the face of the planet. Even the Muslims know this. Therefore, it cannot be given back to anyone because it never belonged to anyone. The Jews didn’t conquer the land. They were given it from God, if you will. As well, Zionism should not to be confused with the Christian desire to see all Jews back in Israel (as reported by many of the so-called erudite press) so they can experience the “rapture,” a Christian tenet about Jesus returning to Earth once all the Jews are ”in their place.” As a matter of fact, an organization called nefesh b’nefesh is allegedly funded by Christian groups to expedite “aliyah,” the Hebrew word for return.

Judaism, aside from being a “religion” is essentially a way of life and a way of moral thinking that can elevate universal harmony and consciousness for the entire world. Jews are the self-proclaimed conscience of the world based on the giving of the Torah. Probably another reason for the unending extreme antisemitism rampaging throughout the world. Orthodox Judaic opinions suggest that antisemitism is a natural law and must be present at all times and in all places. Anytime anyone tells you to behave yourself, it is natural to resent them and eventually hate them. It is curious indeed that if 5,345,585 Bombablingians starve to death or die from typhoid in Babalubia, or are Stalinized, the world protests for about two minutes. On the other hand, if a Jew builds one house on the West Bank, the whole world goes ballistic and accuses them of occupying someone else’s land in one form or another. So, in this writer’s estimation, hatred of Jews and Israel is a real thing. But, of course, it is not just Jews in Israel. It is Jews anywhere and everywhere.

Egyptian dominance in the world came and went as did the civilizations of the Greeks and Romans. The putrefaction of the Nazis and Communists also came and went. So did Mai’s massacres. But the Jews still remain (go figure) irrespective of the horrors perpetrated on them as a people throughout all time. For Israel to return the land that is not theirs, but is the domain of God is an absurdity. Jerusalem, the true holy city, is the center of the spiritual world, and if this was not so, then why does every major religion associate with it as their own? If in fact the Jews are the “chosen” people, it should be easy to see why they are the mark of all nations’ angst, jealousy, and fear.

The Old Testament of the Bible is always referred to as the basis for the crux of humanity. The New Testament refers to its authority as does the Koran. The influence of the Old Testament is universal. The “Lost Tribes” of Israel are now being discovered as major influences throughout the world with irrevocable impact everywhere they went and in the development of philosophical approaches of most religions and societies. Curiously, recent discoveries suggest that one of the tribes visited and settled in ancient Japan and made a remarkable influence on the Shinto religion. Keep in mind that Judaism has been around for 3800 years making it the oldest “religion” in the world that focuses on a one God principle.

It is time for the Jews and for Israel to put their foot down and not permit any more insults to prevail. It is not enough to simply laugh off the matter at hand and expect everyone to ignore the absurdity. This mentality is one of the reasons that the holocaust happened while calling for the lawyers, who are all mouth and no fist, to put a stop to it. It is time for Israel to become more assertive by educating the misguided in the UN and teach them where it’s really at.