Importance of Noahide laws… a Moment

Importance of Noahide laws… a Moment

Reasoning Behind the Seven Laws –


Why are the 7 Noahide Laws Important?

A Moment of Silence

Much is said about freedom of speech, on the right of a person to express his opinions without fear. However, have you ever thought about our freedom to be silent? Silence is the ability to stop the mad rush of life, close your eyes and stop to contemplate by one’s self. Silence enables us to connect with our ability to think and imagine. This is what separates us from other life forms.

The World Is Not a Jungle

Let’s take for ourselves a moment of silence: The world is full of various and conflicting cultures, peoples are still fighting for their independence and much of the world’s population lives with hunger and poverty.

We don’t have to go so far from our own experience. How many times have you encountered in your immediate surroundings lack of respect for others, acts that are the opposite of truth and justice and man’s lack of respect for his environment. We ask ourselves, “How can it be, in a world that is so developed scientifically and human understanding has reached heights that once were unimaginable, these problems persist?”

These phenomenon have occurred in peoples who achieved the highest levels in science, philosophy and the arts. One moment of silence is enough time to come to the conclusion that the human conscience must be brought into line with a higher standard. Man made values are not enough to maintain a good and just society. Silence also allows a person to recognize something higher than himself, to understand that only the power and choice of the Creator allows the continued existence of the world.

The End of the Breakdown of Values

Mankind has already come once to a breakdown of values that led to the destruction of most of the world’s population at the time of the Great Flood. Afterwards, the Creator commanded Noah and his sons, who were the kernel from which the human race continued, concerning the “Seven Noahide Laws”. These seven basic laws contain the basic morals for maintaining a healthy and just civilization.

This allows for the diversity and cultural plurality of mankind while uniting in faith in the Creator and with the Seven Noahide Laws providing a common moral foundation to human existence.

Moses who received the Torah from G-d spread the message of these Seven Noahide Laws and commanded us to influence all the nations of the world to accept them. One who keeps these laws because G-d commanded Moses on Mt. Sinai merits divine reward from G-d for keeping them.

The purpose of these commandments is to make the worldsettled and not barren, G-d forbid. These laws assure the continued existence of the world and all its inhabitants. One who abandons these basic values forfeits in this way his right to exist because his actions bring about the opposite of settling the world.

Where does this lead?

Is it really possible for a world like this to exist? You would be amazed to hear that the answer is yes. It is a fact that the same world in which people worshipped strength and blindly followed rulers in fighting unnecessary wars has changed drastically since the middle of the 20th century. Mankind is coming to the realization that peace, social justice and freedom are the values to be championed. The cold war has ended, atomic weapons were destroyed and many people achieved their independence. There is still a long way to go and much more effort has to be expended. The trend, however, is clear enough.

The World Unites

This didn’t just randomly happen. The Bible states that the world will reach perfection at the time of the Redemption. In the days of the Messiah the nations will all be united in faith in the Creator and the performance of His commandments.

The prophet Isaiah said, “Then the peoples will speak a pure language to serve him together”. This procedure will begin with the appearance of a grear leader, the King Moshiach, whose deeds on behalf of education, justice, honesty and establishing faith will influence the entire world, even subconsciously. Then they will come to realize that the true strength and power are based on the statement, “In G-d we trust”.

The Personality Behind the Process

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, he is the man that G-d has chosen for this task. The more than 50 years of his leadership were devoted to working for education, justice and truth for the entire world. From the east to the west.

Many leaders have expressed their appreciation of his deeds and participated in his call for education that is based on faith in the Creator of the world and his prophet Moses, who gave the world these commandments. The Rebbe, King Moshiach, has declaredthat our generation is the generation of the Redemption and all mankind will march to a new age. An age without war, hunger, or competition; a world of peace, mutual assistancee, economic abundance and high spiritual awareness. A world where the shining figure of the Moshiach will inspire the entire world.

Keeping the Seven Noahide laws will hasten the appearance of this wonderful age and assure each individual a place in it.