Helping to Die

March 2nd, 2013|Archives, Articles|

Helping to Die By: Rabbi Shea Hecht   B"H The title of a recent news article shocked me. It said, "Dutch Docs Helping Sick Kids Die." We are well aware of the debate over

Jews & non-Jews: Dual Roles…

March 2nd, 2013|Archives, Articles|

Jews & non-Jews: Dual Roles in Preparing the World for Moshiach In this age of egalitarian and liberal thinking, how can Jews still promote what is to many intellectuals a shameful and vainglorious

Article on Diversity

February 17th, 2013|Archives, Articles|

Why did G-d create multiplicity? Doesn't that go against the oneness of G-d? No, it doesn't. Because the deepest unity is unity found within diversity. If we are all the same, then unity is no big deal. So G-d gave

United World in United Nations

July 2nd, 2012|Archives, Articles|

The UN took dramatic steps towards world peace when ambassadors, NGOS, Rabbis and chaplains met to discuss the Seven Laws of Noah at a UN's conference room on Monday, July 2.

New Shluchim To The UN?

February 11th, 2011|Archives, Articles|

... at the United Nations, where light and darkness switched places, ruthless terrorists receive recognition as statesmen and honorable leaders receive treatment as terrorists, something different happened in those halls.

UN NGO Reps Pledge…

December 10th, 2010|Archives, Articles|

Family of nations gathered in New York at a special gathering where Mr. Joop Theunissen, Deputy Chief of an important United Nations Non-Governmental Organization signed to keep the laws of Noah.