Dreaming of the Great Awakening

March 10th, 2013|Archives, Articles|

Dreaming of the Great Awakening by Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasniansk In a small shtetl in Eastern Europe in the late Nineteenth century this poor Jew suddenly withdrew the few dollars that he had

Beck & Amb. Bolton remember…

March 9th, 2013|Archives, Articles|

Media Glenn Beck & Ambassador John Bolton remember Gush Katif by Shalom Abramowitz, Chabad.Info with additional information by Tiffany Gabbay, The Blaze Last night, the Razag ballroom in Crown Heights hosted one...

Teach What You Know…

March 2nd, 2013|Archives, Articles|

Teach What You Know: The Story of Clarence the Violin Player I am a newly observant Noahide, and feel that I have much to learn. I hadn’t felt comfortable in teaching anybody about these

Why Marry? Gay Marriage!

March 2nd, 2013|Archives, Articles|

Why Marry? Gay Marriage! Rabbi Yakov D Cohen Why marry? According to Kabbalah, the compulsion to rush into a lifelong commitment is an expression of the human soul's deepest ambitions. The subliminal signals

Laws of Noah in Ghana

March 2nd, 2013|Archives, Articles|

Laws of Noah in Ghana Patrick Apedu, a local UN NGO from Ghana community, is working to help brige the gap between young and old to understand each other. Rabbi YD Cohen was

A New Road Map for Peace

March 2nd, 2013|Archives, Articles|

A New Road Map for Peace We've been reading about the "road map" to peace in the Middle East for many years. Anyone can see it hasn't taken us very far. It's been