Ushering in the Redemption A Tsunami


The prophectic words of the Rebbe Rayatz 1944
from the newsletter HaKria V’HaKedusha (Tammuz, 5704)
Translated by Alexander Zushe Kohn

1. “G-d has reigned; He has donned grandeur; G-d has donned strength and girded Himself; even the world is firm, it shall not falter.”

“G-d has reigned; He has donned grandeur: Generally speaking, everyone regards nature as the ruler of the world. They totally forget that there is a G-d Who rules over nature. Only when something unnatural occurs, like a flood, earthquake, or other terrible catastrophe, do they remember Him. Only under such circumstances do they recall that there is a G-d to Whom nature belongs. [And when they remember], they say, “G-d has reigned” – He has overridden nature, and demonstrated that He is the mightier. In other words, only when G-d dons a garment of grandeur, and demonstrates his authority over nature, do people begin to recognize Him – instead of nature and its “powers” – as the sole King and Ruler of the world.

The Psalmist is speaking of the time when G-d, blessed be He, will appear clothed in grandeur, and the world will recognize and admit that G-d is King. This will take place in the days of Moshiach, prior to the Redemption.

“G-d has donned strength and girded Himself”: [At that time] G-d will don the [garment of] strength with which He already girded Himself once. “Strength” refers to the Torah, with which G-d girded Himself when He gave her to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai. At the time, there was such great thunder and lightning that mankind thought the world was about to be destroyed, until Bilam explained to them that “G-d will give strength to His nation” – i.e., G-d is giving the Torah to His people, and the Torah is very powerful; it can build and destroy worlds.

At any rate, at that time, the world saw the strength of G-d through the supernatural thunderous noises and lightning that He allowed mankind to hear and see. Thus, G-d already girded Himself with the strength of the Torah long ago. The Psalmist is telling us: When G-d will become King again by donning a garment of strength, it will not be a new garment, with a new purpose, but the garment He donned at the giving of the Torah. He will come to validate the Torah – which He already gave, demonstrating at the time that He rules over nature – before the entire world. He will come again with the same strength and the same goal: to fulfill the Torah’s promises, so that the whole world will accept the [truth of the] Torah. This will certainly indicate that it is the eve of the coming of Moshiach and the Redemption.

“Even the world is firm, it shall not falter”: The world will remain intact; it will not be destroyed. In other words, the new display of G-d’s strength will not – as many will think – result in a flood or anything else that will destroy the planet. The world will remain intact; it will not be destroyed. Rather, the Jewish people and the Torah will become exalted again. G-d will again give strength to His nation…

3. “The rivers have raised, O G-d, the rivers have raised their voices, the rivers raise their raging waves…”: The rivers will exalt G-d, the rivers will raise their voice. The rivers will raise their [level of] turbulence. By raging, the rivers will let their voice be heard, thereby exalting G-d. This can only mean one thing: prior to the Redemption, G-d will become exalted by making the rivers rage. Since this turbulence will cause mankind to raise its voice and proclaim G-d’s greatness, it will be as though the rivers themselves have raised their voice.

We must understand from this that the raging rivers will affect a great change in the world. They might drown an entire country, for example, or the greater half of a country. And this will cause a great transformation in Man’s essence, for he will recognize it as Divine punishment. Indeed, the whole political scene might change through an entire series of events resulting from the drowning of that country.

At any rate, prior to the Redemption, there will take place a great raging of water, which will so jolt the [people of the] world, that they will suddenly turn to G-d, blessed be He, and exalt Him. It will thus be as though the waters have raised their voices through their raging.

4. “From the sound of many waters, and the mighty waves of the sea, G-d is mighty on High.

From the sounds of the many waters, through the sea, mighty ones shall be broken, and G-d will become mighty in the High Heavens. [In other words], as a result of the raging waters, through the sea, there will be no more mighty ones, no more superpowers, on earth, and all of mankind will unanimously recognize that G-d alone is mighty in the High Heavens.

5. ...As always, the psalm is very concise. As stated, however, it encapsulates the entire matter of the Redemption – the eve of the Redemption, as well as the end time. The main thing that will bring the Redemption will be a great raging of water that will demonstrate the might of G-d, and change mankind’s attitude. Through this very raging of water, the complete Redemption will begin, and the glory of G-d, the Torah and the Jewish people will then become exalted, and every promise of the Prophets will be fulfilled perfectly, and peace will rule over the entire world – amen, so be it!

We need only wait for the great raging of water that will force all the nations to admit that “G-d is King” – i.e., that it is not a natural catastrophe, but an act of G-d!