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The Seven Laws of Noah demonstrate that Al-mighty G-d has rules and laws for all human beings, and that G-d loves us all. He does not leave anyone, Jew or non-Jew without guidance. To the non-Jew He has given the Seven Commandments.

Maimonides states "Whoever among the Nations fulfills the Seven Commandments to serve God belongs to the Righteous among the Nations, and has his share in the World to Come".

Although there are many reasons for a non-Jew to follow the Laws of Noah,because one finds them moral and/or they appeal to his intellect or his sense of justice, in order to become a Ben Noah, Child of Noah one must, essentially, follow these laws because he recognizes that they were revealed by G-d Hashem through Moses to the children of Israel at Mount Sinai.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, universally respected, and revered, has said that the Noahide Laws observance will bring about universal peace and Messianic Redemption.

The Rebbe explained: because the basic nature of our world is perfect and good, our every good action is real and enduring, while every negative thing is just that -- a negative phenomenon, a void waiting to be dispelled.

Hence the common equation of evil and good with darkness and light. Darkness, no matter how ominous and intimidating, is merely the absence of light. Light need not combat and overpower darkness in order to displace it -- where light is, darkness is not. A thimbleful of light will therefore banish a roomful of darkness.

"One must always perceive the good and evil in oneself and in the world as if in perfect balance. Through doing one good deed, one can tip the scales in favor of the good and bring salvation to oneself and to the entire world.

Each and every one of us carries the enormous responsibility and has the distinct privilege to tip the entire world towards redemption, thereby changing the world for ever.

A central belief in Judaism is the sanctity of life and how every single person on the planet is unique, special, and part of the master plan.

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