Electric Lights1

I was pleased to receive the news that the electric lights in Kefar Chabad were set up, and that you have already used these lights for the farbrengen (Chassidic gathering) on the 19th of Kislev.

It is an ancient Jewish custom to look for meaning and to derive lessons from every occurrence. The Mishna says:2 “Who is wise? One who learns from every man.” The Ba’al Shem Tov added that one should even learn from every thing one sees or hears.

In our case: From the day that the Alter Rebbe was redeemed on the 19th of Kislev, his light began to spread (the double lights3 of both the mystic and revealed parts of Torah) without any impediments, to the extent that it reached even simple folk. This expresses the central concept of Chassidic philosophy: to draw down and connect the most sublime heights with the lowest depths.

It is interesting to note that electricity is one of the hidden energies within nature. It cannot be experienced with any of the five senses. It is only through its actions that we know that it must exist. Yet, this hidden energy pushes away the gloom and illuminates the darkness of night. This is a physical manifestation of the same interaction in the spiritual realm: It is the hidden, esoteric aspects of Torah — which are revealed through Chassidic philosophy and Chassidic lifestyle — that pushes away the gloom of materialism, and illuminates the darkness of physicality.

Candles and Lasers4

A Jewish youth should be a living personal example of adding a candle to the light of Judaism every single day, with continued spiritual growth. When his life serves as the proper example, then his words, too, are able to have an effect in strengthening Jewish education, much greater than the effect of this or that philanthropist. Even if the young man in question did not behave this way in previous days, it is of no matter. We live in a time of “rebellion of the youth,” as the Talmud says5, “youth will shame their elders.” A Jewish youth leading an exemplary life is seen as a living “rebellion” in the positive sense, which continually increases from day to day, affecting others greatly.

G-d is aware that we are “lowly souls.” “He only demands in accordance with our capabilities.”6 That is why He challenges us with only small tests. The only test nowadays is “do not be embarrassed by the scoffers.”7 Why should you care that a fool mocks you? On the contrary: If he is laughing at you, you must be right. After all, an idiot makes fun of normal people, not of other idiots.

With this approach, you will successfully accomplish your goals. “Nothing breeds success like success.” Your success itself will spur you further and further. Your fear that your friends may shun you as a “fanatic” and “social outcast” is baseless. On the contrary, it is only when we do not compromise at all and follow the path of complete truth that others have respect for us.

Some claim that such total involvement is tantamount to shackling ourselves to the realm of Torah and Mitzvot, making it impossible to fully live up to our potential and to fully utilize our G-d given abilities.

The response to this is: On the contrary. “No one is truly free, except for one who is involved in Torah.”8 True freedom is achieved through Torah, which is in no way an impediment. Only through Torah can one fully develop himself and impact his surroundings in a holistic and integrative manner. Those who claim that by not limiting themselves to Torah study they will better be able to affect others are incorrect; it is specifically and only through Torah that one can be properly influential.

Every concept is better understood through practical examples. In science, they have recently developed a great innovation called the “laser.” The basic concept is that if you want rays of light to be effective over distance, whether as a source of light or heat, you are limited by the fact that the intensity of light generally dissipates as it gets farther from its source. To overcome this limitation, the beam is narrowly confined so it does not spread to the sides. It is thus completely focused in one direction only, maintaining its strength even at great distances from its source. In fact, it can even make a hole through a metal barrier several inches thick at a distance of many miles.

The lesson from this is: If you want to affect others, the way to do it is by staying focused in one direction only; it is only in this way that one can maintain full strength.

There is no need to spread out all over and try to have an effect everywhere. It is specifically through “confining” oneself to Torah, to prayer and Mitzvot, and going in one direction only, that a person has the strength that “even an iron curtain cannot separate Jews from their Father in heaven,”9 a strength that he can then transmit to others as well.

Quality Versus Quantity10

There is a common question raised by non-Jews and many Jews as well, and that is: Since you are “the least among the nations,”11 what hope can you have of changing the world, to “correct the world under the reign of G-d?” Isn’t it enough to behave as a distinct society with its own national identity and lifestyle, viz., “their laws are different than all the nations”12?!

Chemistry supplies the answer with the concept of a catalyst. It is commonly seen how the smallest particle of a specific substance, can, under the right circumstances, completely change everything around it, even when the other materials are of a much greater quantity. In fact, it operates in such a manner that it itself does not change at all, but is merely the catalyst that begins the process.

The Formation of Fossil Fuels13

One of the opinions regarding the origin of subterranean oil deposits explains it to be a product of biological material that was subjected to extremely high pressures. Over time, this became oil, which is now used for heat and light.

We know the Ba'al Shem Tov's famous saying14 that everything that a Jew sees or hears was shown to him from above in order that he may derive a lesson from it for his Divine service and mission in this world. Of particular relevance are the day-to-day occurrences, which must surely serve as a lesson for each and every one of us in our earthly mission.

We should contemplate the fact that physical objects are not self-sustaining and have no independent life or existence. A person reflecting upon himself sees that his life force is from the soul. G-d connects the soul to the body, so that we should pressure our material desires. When the proper pressure is applied to the body by the soul, the body itself (which has no independent vitality) is transformed into an energy source, warming and illuminating its environment. The implications are obvious.

Nuclear Energy15

Science has recently discovered that quality is more important than quantity. In the past, it was thought that in order to have a great effect, one would need to activate a commensurately great quantity of material. Today, however, we understand that amazing amounts of energy can be obtained from a minute amount of material, under the right conditions. To accomplish this, one needs only to split the atom, which results in a tiny bit of matter being annihilated out of existence. When it ceases to physically exist, the regular limitations to the release of its energy are overcome.

The lesson for us:

“Avraham was one.” His entire generation stood against him, and against the “One” of the world, G-d. Avraham is called the Ivri, the Hebrew. Our Sages explain16 that the word Ivri is derived from the Hebrew ever — side. The entire world was on one side, and Avraham was alone on the other. Yet, the verse in Yechezkel in its entirety reads:17 “Avraham was one, and his children shall inherit the earth.” Through self-sacrifice in promoting G-dliness to all the inhabitants of the world, he uncovered latent powers within himself, by means of which he prevailed over the entire world.

One may protest that we cannot serve in this manner for our abilities and our situation are different. In response to such complaints, King Shlomo wrote in Kohelet:18 “Do not say that the days of old were better than these, for not out of wisdom do you so ask.” True, the darkness increases, the worthiness of the generation continually decreases, but yet, even though our generation is on the level of a heel, and is referred to as “the footsteps19 of Moshiach,” the power of self-sacrifice can be found specifically in the “heel.” This is evidenced by the fact that, when necessary, it is possible to place the heel even into extremely hot or cold water. Thus it is our very lowliness that enables our self-nullification and all the energy released as a result.

Therefore, even one individual has the ability to “conquer” an entire community of Jews and facilitate their transformation into wholehearted, G-d-fearing people, and eventually, even into Chassidim.

The Problems in Developing This Energy20

Among the main issues faced by the scientists involved in attempting to split the atom — issues upon which the success of the endeavor was dependent — were the following:

* Chain reaction — that, in a desirable context, one should be able to ensure that the first parts of the atom that are split should explode several other atoms, which would in turn explode a greater number of atoms, etc. In other words, that the energy should continuously grow.

* Where unwanted, it had to be possible to ensure that the number of atoms being affected should continually decrease.

*The outlay (both in energy and money) that was invested in splitting the atom had to be smaller than the return from the energy that would be freed as a result.

This was because the goal of all the research in this area was not for theoretical purposes, but rather practical applications to improve the quality of life. The lesson is self-understood.21

“The Weak Will Proclaim: I am Mighty”22

One should not think: “Who am I, and what am I, to have such awesome abilities as to be able to affect myself and the entire cosmos.” For we all have seen – unfortunately – what a tiny physical quantity can do: It can destroy cities and countryside through the power of the atom.

Wanton destruction is, of course, an activity that goes against the purpose and intent of creation. If G-d has given such an awesome power to such a small quantity for the purposes of destruction, He undoubtedly has done the same, and even more, for constructive and beneficial purposes. The Creator has endowed every person with unique abilities and opportunities in order to elevate himself to the appropriate spiritual level, and thereby help others to do the same. Indeed one can elevate the entire cosmos with him, and bring it ever closer to its ultimate perfection.

Nothing is Too Small23

May G-d grant you success that from this small seed should grow wonderful and great “crops.”

I do not mean small in quality.24 We see clearly that even regarding material concerns, quantity is much less important than quality. This is one of the lessons learned from recent discoveries in the field of nuclear energy, wherein one atom can bring about the destruction of an entire community. “The measure of good is even greater” than the negative one.25 Therefore, this applies to the physical energy and potential hidden within even the simplest person. Moreover, taking into account the relationship between the finite and the infinite, it applies in an incomparably greater fashion to the energy latent within every bit of spirituality — and yet more so to the spark of “G-dliness” that exists within each and every Jewish man and woman.

However, just as a strong force must be applied to release atomic energy, so too much effort is required to activate our latent spiritual and G-dly powers. G-dliness is concealed within the world so that we should invest great energy to seek it, as is explained on the verse26 “A wise son, his father will rejoice” — the father hides from his son so that he should search for him. A story is told about a great Jewish leader who learned to appreciate Divine concealment through watching his grandchild playing hide-and-seek with his friends. At some point in the game, the grandchild hid very well, and the other children, growing bored with the game, wandered off. The grandchild then began to cry: “I have hidden, and there’s nobody looking for me!” The lesson is obvious.

The responsibility of each individual in our generation is greater than ever, since now there is no longer any need to search. All we need to do is publicize that which has already been found, and through so doing, we shall be shown G-d’s hidden powers in a revealed and tangible manner.

Nuclear Energy in the World27

In recent years, a revolutionary new technology has been introduced, embodying a principle that is in stark contrast to the prevailing geopolitical situation characterized by escalating opposition and tension between two alliances.28 Now, with a tiny quantity of material, it is possible to greatly impact – and even essentially change – the world. Today, to make a revolution, one does not need a lot of material, a huge army, plenty of weaponry, etc. With atomic energy, in just one moment, one can effect a profound change throughout the entire world. However, this awesome energy can be harnessed not only for undesirable and negative purposes. Rather, it is equally possible that through the intelligent application of free will to behave in a righteous and just manner, such power can be used instead for the good of the people and of the world at large, and not only because there is no other choice.

In previous generations, this energy was not revealed to man since there was not yet a need for it. It was revealed specifically in this generation, since there was a need for a counter-balance to the global nature of the Cold War. This counter-balance is the knowledge that with the smallest quantity one can effect a positive change in the entire world.

Another important lesson can be derived from the verse, “A young child shall lead them”29 – that even the smallest child can catalyze global change. If he pushes the right button, that small action can change the entire world. In this context, it makes no difference what the child’s mental capacity is; all that matters is actually pressing the button! If this is true in the negative sense – that we worry about such an action by some irresponsible person – it is certainly true in the positive sense as well, since the Creator and Master of the world established that this energy may be used positively as well.

In simple terms: Through one act of fulfillment of G-d’s will – i.e. the seven Noahide Laws for all of mankind, or the six hundred thirteen commandments of the Torah for the Jewish people – one can effect a change in the entire world. This has the potential to bring about “salvation and deliverance,”30 even if the person performing the act does not understand in his own mind how things happen through pushing the right “button.” All that is needed is for G-d to supply him with the button, whether via His emissaries, His Torah, etc.

Alternative Energy and Geopolitics31

Our Sages stated:32 “G-d did not create anything in his world for naught.” In addition we have the pivotal role of actualizing the purpose of creation. As the Midrash explains the Verse,33 “‘That G-d created to make’~ to correct.”34 This notion is exemplified in a talmudic teaching that G-d created the world in such a manner that “the north side is not encircled.”35 Each Jew must then come along and complete — “correct” and “make” — that which G-d has created, so that it does not end up being “for naught.”

How do we actualize this mission? Through fulfilling G-d’s directive that “you shall choose life.”36 Thus, we “become a partner to G-d in the process of creation”37 thereby actualizing a potential. This begins with the fact that “G-d created man uncircumcised,” and we later “bring him into the covenant” by circumcising him as is discussed in Bereishit Rabbah. Similarly, the Midrash gives the example of beans that must be cooked as an indication that all that G-d created requires its completion through human endeavor. The same is true with man: “It is a man’s nature to go out and conquer.”38 But “when he brings home wheat, can he chew the wheat itself?”39 He needs the “counter-help”40 G-d accorded him, namely his wife and family members who assist him to make of it food fit for human consumption.

If the person then eats the food with the recital of blessings both before and after, the food becomes “My offering, My food for My fires”41; man’s offering to G-d on his table which is an altar — “a man’s table atones for him just as an altar.”42 Through reciting a blessing before and after, the food acts as sustenance also for the “supernal Man,” just like a sacrifice — as has been explained at length in many places.43

America’s Mission

Whenever we see upheaval in the world, and especially when we see that events are developing negatively and continually worsening — and “from the north [the Soviet Union] the evil will open”44 which doesn’t require any interpretation — there is no doubt that G-d has established a country that has the ability to stop it.45 In fact, it is not enough merely to stop it. That would be like “a wealthy man who has brought the offering of a pauper — he has not fulfilled his obligation.”46 There must be action taken which will not allow them [the communists] to spread at all in the world. On the contrary, we must ensure that they stop having an affect on other countries and places, for that will help to bring justice and fairness for those who are there [in the Soviet Union itself] as well. It is just and fair that they shall be able to go “each man in the name of his god,”47 and especially that the Jews will be able to act in the Torah manner as Jews must, since this is their “life” — “they are our life and the length of our days”48 — with all of the specifics and details included as implied by the term freedom of religion.

Everyone must work on this to the best of his personal capabilities. This is especially true regarding our country: G-d has placed it in such a situation that it can stop the spread of heresy in the world, and thereby bring about the spread of true peace in the world, etc. The main thing is, that people generally, and Jews in particular, should be able to serve G-d with complete peace of mind and body.

Towards this goal, this country must use all of its capacity, all methods available to it in their entirety. It may not sit back and say, “I have saved myself.”

In general, this country is one in which “nothing is lacking.”49 Of course it is not, chas v’shalom, to the extent which is meant in the verse in the Torah; that is said only about the Holy Land. However, when a majority of the Jewish people are in one country, that country becomes — as was the case in Egypt when the Jews were there, and so too every other country since — the country that “dominates the entire world,” the superpower.50 This happens, however, only when they utilize all of the capabilities that they were given.

Dependence on Oil-Producing Countries

On the other hand, when one country needs another country, or other countries, to provide assistance — especially when they are needed for a vital requirement — that lessens the power and effect that it could have had on the world scene.

This has a special connection to the concept of “one who sees the sun in its strength.51 [This event takes place once every 28 years, and is accompanied by a special blessing on the sun. This talk was said in connection with such a blessing.]

Because of the manifold darkness of our exile, G-d now shows us things clearly. In earlier generations — in the times of the “early ones, who were like angels”52 — it may have been sufficient to merely hint at such things, but nowadays they must be clearly stated, and even highlighted.

We see clearly that when this country needs oil it is forced to listen to others — even to concede matters that are the opposite of justice, fairness, and goodness. They are even forced to start up with the “eternal inheritance” that was given to the “eternal nation” in an “eternal covenant.” This automatically has a negative impact on the physical well being, and even the material well being, of this country itself. Such concessions cannot possibly coexist with the afore-stated purpose and mission of the United States.

G-d created his world in such a manner that, as predicted in the Zohar,53 since “six centuries” [of the sixth millennium, i.e. from 5500-5600 since creation (1740-1840 C.E.)] there has been a great increase in wisdom in the world that has been translated into an increase in secular forms of wisdom as well. This led to various developments, discoveries, and inventions, which all require energy to be able to work.

This energy is produced from physical matter. The requisite matter seems to be found in other countries.

However, since this country has the mission of bringing about true peace in the world, and may not disturb justice and fairness — including also the justice that the “eternal inheritance” belongs to the “eternal nation,” as a result of the “eternal covenant” that was made by the “eternal G-d” — obviously there is something that people can do. After all, it isn’t possible that the nation that is charged with such a mission should be ‘enslaved’ and dependent upon a lowly nation, just because their country happens to have oil!

This is why we see very clearly — it needs no proof or discussion — that if the U.S. would invest in developing the energy sources in its own land, they would have already long been freed of dependence on other nations.

This is known and has been proven, people have even written and made a tumult about it. If they would develop the domestic sources for oil and coal, etc. here in the U.S., they would long ago have rid themselves of any dependence on foreign nations. On the contrary: These resources are available in such abundance that it would be possible to provide them for other nations as well, just as the U.S. provides many other basic needs, and thus to become a supplier rather than a recipient!

The basis of this is the recognition that this wealth is not, Heaven forbid, as a result of “my might, and the strength of my hand,” and does not exist simply to increase seeming honor, or other trivial matters. Rather, it exists because G-d places all of it in the territory of the United States, so that this country should be able to disseminate the commandments recorded in the Torah, the Seven Noahide Laws, with all of their details, corollaries, and specifics — throughout the entire world!

An Immediate Solution

One might ask: What’s the point of talking about the past? What’s done is done.

To develop energy sources domestically would take a long time. First and foremost, a way would need to be found to neutralize the opposition, who — for various and sundry reasons — object to the development of America’s natural resources such as oil and coal, etc. [officially because of environmental issues]. Even after overcoming this opposition, and finally ignoring these people, a long time would be needed to practically develop all of these energy sources, and only then could America’s subjugation and pleas to the oil-producing nations finally end.

This is why the blessing on the sun reminds us — again, with an emphasis — that there is a clear and smooth path to solve this problem:

Several years ago, development started on a new energy source: nuclear energy. However, this type of energy generation involves several dangers — here is not the place to deal with them at length. There are also several other obstacles, starting with the opposition of those people who derive personal gain by stopping this nation from being completely independent in all matters — starting with the fundamental and indispensable matter of energy, which all of the businesses and factories of this nation require to be able to work.

However, there is the solution of “the sun in its strength”:

In many countries, including this one, they have started to invest — in a very small, even miniscule, way — in the development and utilization of solar energy, about which it is stated, “none can hide from its wrath.”54 This involves transforming the sun’s heat to energy, which can then be used to power factories, etc.

There is especially a great availability of solar heat in the south of the country. It would be fairly simple to transport this energy throughout the country. This energy source requires very little time, relative to the time needed to develop other energy sources which require heating, etc.

How will it be possible to succeed? It will be successful if it is built upon G-d’s assistance, upon belief in G-d. Then they will be able to ignore the claims and libels proposed by those who might personally profit by impeding this development. In a relatively short time, this could free the entire country from its subjugation to those small countries that have oil in their land — oil that for some reason Americans themselves (!) brought to the surface, actualizing their potential to provide oil to the world.

What Can We Do?

Theoretically, one could ask:

Jews have gathered in a synagogue — a place of prayer and Torah study — and there are even other people who are listening in from afar — far only in a physical sense, but spiritually close, and for Jews that is the main focus, since “our souls are the main thing, and our bodies are only secondary.”55

At such a time, we should theoretically talk only words of Torah, words of spiritual arousal and fear of Heaven. At the very least, we should be talking about issues important for Jews in their Divine service, “serving our Creator”56 through all 613 Mitzvot, rather than talking about issues that are only relevant for the Seven Noahide Laws; true, they comprise many details, but still they are only seven.

It is true that they must fulfill these commandments because G-d commanded us at Mt. Sinai to keep them. The process of the Giving of the Torah began with the Exodus from Egypt on Passover – “when you take the nation out of Egypt, you shall serve G-d on this mountain.”57 At that time the Jews were also given the obligation (as Maimonides writes58) to attempt to ensure that everyone recognize that Moses was commanded by G-d — and he transmitted this command to “the congregation of Jacob”59 — that every person should fulfill G-d’s intent, “He formed the world to be civilized,”60 which includes the Seven Noahide Laws and all of their corollaries.

Yet, we are discussing an issue that doesn’t seem to relate to Jews as Jews, but rather only as citizens of the country. However, as mentioned earlier, we must “pray for the peace of the city,”61 since we live here too.

And most importantly, based on what was discussed earlier, it is important to work on this issue so that the Jews behind the Iron Curtain will be able to study Torah with much more serenity than they’ve had until now, and be able to fulfill Mitzvot with much greater care than until now. It also affects the peace and serenity of American Jewry. Therefore, we may not allow success to those who are trying to create discord — those whose work, at least in part, is funded by income from investments in the import of fuel, etc., from other countries.

One might argue: What benefit is there from the fact that people like us will talk about this between ourselves?

However, as mentioned many times, Maimonides rules62 — the ruling of the Torah of truth — that when a Jew says even one thing, he “is obligated to see himself as evenly balanced and the entire world as evenly balanced.” His one statement can tip the balance for himself and for the entire world to the side of merit, and cause for himself and for them rescue and salvation!

We have seen this practically: A statement was said in private conversation, then repeated publicly, then publicized widely, including in the nation’s capitol. This was seen to have had an effect, and, with G-d’s help, an effect greater than was ever imagined.

America Benefits

As mentioned, this is for America’s own good. It is not a request for a favor or kindness for others, for some “patient”; it is to this country’s benefit to free itself of its subjugation to the oil-producing countries, a subjugation which is completely unjust, and that stems only from those countries’ ingratitude. They do not understand; they do not want to thank G-d, who granted this country resources of energy, beginning with solar energy. As we just said in the blessing on the sun, “nothing is hidden from its wrath” — there is not even a single corner of the world that is concealed from the sun’s heat.

There are, of course, different levels. There are places where the amounts of solar energy available are enough not only for local needs, but even to supply energy to the surrounding area, and even enough to provide for the entire country. In fact, this can be practically implemented in such a manner as to provide more than enough, so that there is extra energy that can be supplied to other countries as well.

When the U.S. achieves its freedom from this subjugation, it will be able to assert itself with greater force. The truth is that no “force” will even be needed; the very fact that everyone will know that there is no longer any dependency will break the pressure, since there will no longer be anything with which to threaten, as they will see that no attention is being paid to those who tried to block this.

The Power of Faith

This should be done because of G-d’s commandment — to fully utilize the entire potential granted by G-d, and especially the capabilities that G-d gives to a country, a government of kindness. It must use that potential for the good of the individual and for the good of the public, for the good of the entire country and for the good of the entire world — a true good, which is “good for Heaven and good for creations.”63

When this is so, it is certain that the country will accomplish its goal. It will start gradually – “little by little I will banish him.”64

May it be G-d’s will that the “little by little” itself should be accomplished with alacrity, in a manner of “I will hurry it.”65 Very soon, the entire country should switch, first of all, to energy that can be generated from the sun’s rays in the south, which should be supplied to the entire country. After that, they should also develop all of the other sources of energy available domestically. Even just a beginning in this direction will already instill fear on all those who are opposed to goodness, charity and justice, and to all who are opposed to freedom for all people and for all Jews — which means the ability to live in accordance with the laws of Judaism and the like.

“In their peace you will have peace.”66 There will be an increase in “you will have peace” even while we are still in the last days of our exile, and there will be fulfilled, “for all the Jewish people there was light in their dwellings”67; already in the waning days of exile we will arise “with an uplifted hand.”68

In this way we are prepared, so that immediately when we are redeemed our “uplifted hand” is already held high, as Rashi interprets the verse “with strength, elevated and renowned.”

As soon as Moshiach is revealed, “with our children and our elders, with our sons and our daughters”69 and “their silver and gold with them”70 we will go together with him, in the complete and true redemption, to “the land upon which G-d’s eyes are constantly focused, from the beginning of the year until the end of the year”71; i.e. throughout the complete span of time and all of the changes, “G-d’s eyes are always upon it.”

And we enter the land with our people complete, for we receive the complete Torah, and we find our land complete, as we precipitate the complete redemption, speedily in our days.





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