One People One World Under G-d

Rabbi Yakov D Cohen in Turkey on Adnan Oktar A9TV Jan 23 2017

Rabbi Ohad Maon on G-D in Arabic
Rabbi Ohad Maon talks about G-D in Arabic ( air date April 13, 2017)

Yonanson Tzemach on King David tomb
The Tzemach family and others helping to protect Mt Zion King David tomb to remain under Jewish control as a Holy site for all people to pray for World peace ( air date April 6. 2017)

Reb Pasach Sherbow on Noah’s Code

Reb Dov Lerderberg on Art

Rabbi Yakov Cohen Director, UN NGO The Institute for Noahide Code

Universal Noahide – in UN Nov 29, 2016

Rabbi Y Raskin on Kosher Torah

Esther Shayna and Yeshaya 9 11 2016
Mazel Tov to the wedding of Esther Shayna and Yeshaya 9 11 2016 on the rock of General George Washington fort in Washington heights NY USA

Mr. Eti on Islam denounces terrorism
Mr.Eti from Istanbul Turkey about the works of Harun talks on Islam denounces terrorism ( air date Oct 2016)

Mazeda A Uddin on Peace
Mazeda A Uddin Founder/ CEO of SAFEST helping children have Kosher / Halal meal in public schools (air date Oct 2016)

Universal Noahide conference London UK
Rabbi’s Eli Turin, YD Cohen and H Gluck on the Universal Noahide Code UNC in London UK 2014

Rabbi YD Cohen in London UK
Universal Noahide Conference in London UK 2014

Rabbi Yosef Y Simpson on Jewish Education
Rabbi Yosef Y Simson principle of the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Crown Heights Brooklyn NY talks on Jewish Education (air date Sept 2016)

Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman on underground in USSR
Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman on his new book SAMARKAND about his person story living in Samarkand and the Jewish Underground in the former USSR ( air date Aug 2016 ) for more info

Nadiya Al-Noor on Jewish Muslim Action
Nadiya Al-Noor with  The Institute for Jewish Muslim Action talks about her work with Rabbi Yakov D Cohen with the Institute of Noahide Code ( air date Sept 2016)