13 Principles of the Jewish Faith

March 5th, 2018|Articles|

The Thirteen Principles of the Jewish Faith by Rav Moshe Ben Maimon, the Rambam - Rabbi Moses Maimonides שלשה עשר עקרים של אמונת היהודי The RAMBAM, in his commentary on the Mishnah (Sanhedrin,

The 7 Laws of Noah &…

January 30th, 2018|Articles|

The Seven Laws of Noah and the Non-Jews who Follow Them By Michael Kress Sitting at a table at Mendy’s Kosher Delicatessen in New York, Jim Long pauses to say a blessing in

IDC Conference : 9-20-2017

September 20th, 2017|Archives, Articles|

The Universal Noahide Code is one for peace.. Jewish Sages explain that a wonder of G-d's creation is that, although the face of every human being is essentially the same, no two people are identical. 

Abortion and Jewish Law

April 10th, 2017|Archives, Articles|

Abortion and Jewish Law – Partial birth abortion By: Rabbi Yakov D. Cohen The sanctity and infinite worth of every human being is a quintessential Jewish value, grounded in the biblical notion that man

UNC is all about PEACE

May 3rd, 2015|Archives, Articles|

The Institute of Noahide - UN NGO  Celebrating  Diversity was conceived as an opportunity to unite the world by re-echoing the belief in  One G-d as the Creator of all human beings and the belief that we are

Importance of Noahide laws… a Moment

March 5th, 2015|Archives, Articles|

Importance of Noahide laws... a Moment Reasoning Behind the Seven Laws -   Why are the 7 Noahide Laws Important? A Moment of Silence Much is said about freedom of speech, on the