Recent Events

David sings on the Powar of GOODNESS and Each and every one has to bring PEACE and UNITY with Rabbi Yakov David Cohen Reb Dov Lerderberg talks on Kabalah Art and the Ein Sof – infinity to create this finite world …. in Tfaz Israel winter 5777 The Tzemach family and others helping to protect Mt Zion King David tomb to remain under Jewish control as a Holy site for all people to pray for World peace
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Rabbi Yakov D Cohen in Turkey on Adnan Oktar A9TV
Keynote Address by Rabbi Yaakov Cohen (Director, UN NGO The Institute for Noahide Code)
Pasach Sherbow on Noahide Code
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Universal Noahide – in UN Mr.Eti from Istanbul Turkey about the works of Harun Yahya.com talks on Islam denounces terrorism Nadiya Al-Noor with The Institute for Jewish Muslim Action, talks about her work with Rabbi Yakov D Cohen with the Institute of Noahide Code